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  • Name:Achuo
  • Country:Cameroon
  • Age:14
  • Issue:Street Children, Education, Violence
  • Nominated by:Association Enfants Jeunes et Avenir

“Respect the rights of the child, a bright future for each and everyone!”

Achuo's Story

Achuo had a disadvantaged childhood in Cameroon. His mother sent him to his uncle at an early age, to sell clothes on the street. It was exhausting and dangerous. One day, a local organization offered him support and his life was transformed. He is now determined not only to improve his own situation, but also that of others like him. Achuo has come to realize that children’s rights are violated every day: in families, on the streets and in communities. Achuo teaches children and families about the dangers of the streets, and about the need for dialogue in the family. He wants to continue educating the families around him about children’s rights, and he would like to start his own organization to defend those rights.

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