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  • Name:Itee
  • Country:Bangladesh
  • Age:15
  • Issue:Child Marriage, Violence, Gender Equality, Education
  • Nominated by:Bangladesh Nari Progati Sangha (BNPS)

Child marriage should be stopped as the girls have to make their own lives and they want to see the beautiful world. Girls do not want to destroy their dreams in child marriage

Itee's Story 

Itee is an underprivileged child from Bangladesh. On attending a class about children’s rights and gender equality, she became inspired to make a stand for the rights of those around her, particularly as regards child marriage. When a 12 year old classmate told Itee that her parents were arranging a marriage for her, Itee immediately stepped in. She called the government helpline to stop child marriage and violence against women, and the marriage was prevented. Itee’s intervention was an inspiration to other children in her village, and even to teachers at her school. People began to raise their voices against child marriages and to oppose violence against women. Itee is now bringing children together to campaign against child marriage: true changemakers in action.

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