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  • Name:Rohullah
  • Country:Afghanistan
  • Age:16
  • Issue:Education
  • Nominated by:Ghazi Amanullah Khan Institute Health Science

“We cannot bring changes and peace through war around the globe, but we can easily make changes through education. Therefore, we need to focus on education worldwide.”
Rohullah's Story

Schooling can be problematic in Afghanistan. Teachers arrive late or not at all, and textbooks often arrive late too. Faced with these problems, Rohullah has always fiercely defended his right and that of his classmates to an education. At elementary school, he was class representative. One day, when his teacher didn’t turn up, Rohullah demanded that the principle deal with it so that he and his classmates could continue their studies. And when the school ran out of books, Rohullah called for action again. It worked: now all the students have books of their own and can even take them home to study. In the future, Rohullah would like to become a school teacher himself. 

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