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  • Name:Sapna
  • Country:Afghanistan
  • Age:15
  • Issue:Education, Gender Equality
  • Nominated by:Swedish Committee for Afghanistan

“If provided with opportunities, knowledge and skills, children can make miracles because children are not part of the problem, they are part of the solution”

Sapna's Story

Sapna lives in a part of Afghanistan where girls, until recently, had no opportunity to go to school. Then, when the first community-based school for girls was established in the area, it had no gates. For many parents, a school without gates is not an option for their daughters,  and Sapna was determined that all children should have access. She started a campaign calling for a real school, complete with gates, school supplies and education kits, and she motivated other children to join her. The campaign was a great success and her dream of a real school with all the proper facilities became a reality. She even convinced the authorities to extend the school from Grade 3 to Grade 6. And Sapna did not stop there. She went on to persuade local decision-makers to create a brand new high school in her community. Sapna has an impressive commitment to ensuring that all girls in her neighborhood – including the poor, marginalized and deprived – have access to an education.

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