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  • Name:Sujon
  • Country:Bangladesh
  • Age:17
  • Issue:Violence, Child Marriage, Education, Child Labor, Child Trafficking
  • Nominated by:World Vision Bangladesh

We want to make and build a better world for every child. I request people from all over the world: Let’s change our mind and work together for the well-being of children

Sujon's Story

Sujon lives in Bangladesh and does everything he can to prevent child marriage and violence against children. He has written letters to official institutions about child marriages and school dropouts. He has raised money and collected school supplies in order to help poor children to continue with their studies. He has also taken a creative approach to awareness raising, making posters and banners about addiction, about harassment of women on the street, and about the importance of children’s rights in combating child labor and trafficking. Sujon’s actions have changed his community, increasing the village’s knowledge and awareness of these difficult topics. In the future he wants to keep on fighting for the rights of children.

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