KidsRights' Projects

Our projects

KidsRights recognises the strength of all children and will support them to realise their rights and to create opportunities for their personal development and future. The projects of KidsRights focus on achieving, promoting and observing children's rights. Our projects focus on a particular right of the child or a specific group of vulnerable children whose rights are violated or under pressure. Our projects enable children to participate and to decide about their own development.


KidsRights enables children to realise their rights. KidsRights does this by funding existing well-run local projects aimed at adherence, promotion and observance of children's rights. KidsRights sees children as changemakers, able to move the world. KidsRights supports children to realise this change.  


In 2014 KidsRights supported 10 projects in 6 countries and positively directly impacted the lives of 5.373 children


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