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Championing Community Children (C3) was founded in 2006 by Kesz Valdez, Children's Peace Prize winner 2012. He leads the organisation together with other children. For this project, C3 works together with MY RIGHTS. C3 & MY RIGHTS work with street children in different communities to increase their knowledge about health, the importance of education, children's rights and community interests. In addition, they distribute 'Gifts of Hope' to street children, for example after a typhoon or earthquake.

The health of street children

Championing Community Children (C3) was founded in 2006 by Kesz Valdez, Children's Peace Prize winner 2012. C3 focuses on improving the living conditions of (potential) street children. Additionally, Kesz and his friends teach the children how to be a leader and how they can facilitate participation in the community. They also distribute 'Gifts of Hope' to children including soap, a tooth brush and school supplies.

Period: September 2013 - January 2017
Goal: to improve the lives of street children through prevention and attention


In May it was time to go back to school again in The Philippines after the summer break. C3 distributed school supplies to children who live in the Amadeo region where farming is the main source of living. A total of 40 children received bags with notebooks, pencils and other supplies to make them feel happy and excited to go to school. 

Kesz and his friends visited junior high schools in Cavity City. They introduced C3 to 300 students and invited them to become involved with the activities of C3; to become changemakers!


Kesz supports street children


"One is never too young to do something" 
Kesz from the Philippines won the International Children’s Peace Prize in 2012. As a little boy, Kesz lived on the streets and the dumpsite of Cavite City. After Kesz was rescued by a social worker, he decided to help other street children. He teaches them about their rights and how to care for themselves and stay healthy. KidsRights supports Kesz with a project fund of €100,000, for three projects in the Philippines who are all committed to improve the life of street children.


The rights of street children



Worldwide, millions of children are living on the streets forced by causes such as poverty and domestic violence. Children have the right to a safe and secure environment, hygienic conditions, access to education and health care. Living on the streets is dangerous; there is violence, abuse and little hygiene.

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