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Nkosi’s Haven is the dream project of Nkosi Johnson, to whom in 2005, the International Children's Peace Prize was posthumously dedicated. Nkosi's Haven was founded in 1999 by Gail Johnson, Nkosi’s foster mother. Nkosi’s Haven is a  safe haven for mothers with aids and their children. The project ensures that mothers with aids do not have to leave their children behind in an orphanage.

A safe Haven

Nkosi's Haven Village provides a safe home for vulnerable mothers with aids, and their children. Nkosi's Haven gives mothers and children the opportunity to continue their life together, even if the mother is really too ill to care for her children. In addition, Nkosi's Haven also provides a home for aids orphans. Nkosi's Haven offers a loving home environment to 180 mothers and children. The children receive quality education, health, nutrition, housing and support

Period: January 2016 - December 2016
Goal: to provide care to 180 vulnerable mothers with aids, their children and aids orphans




Unathi is 12 years old and lives in Nkosi’s Haven Village. She enjoys school but she does not like to wake up early. Her favorite subject is English and her future dream is to be with her family every day. 



A year after Siyabonga came to Nkosi’s Haven Village with his mother, she passed away. Fortunately, many family members visited and supported him. He enjoys living in Nkosi’s Haven. “We are treated with respect, they love us”. When Siyabonga grows up he wishes to have 3 children and a beautiful wife. 


Nkosi advocated for children with hiv/aids

In 2005, the International Children's Peace Prize was posthumously dedicated to Nkosi Johnson. The statuette ‘Nkosi’ that the winners of the award receive is named after this young changemaker. Nkosi fought during his short life with courage and success for the rights of children with hiv/aids. Nkosi personally made sure that the South African government gave children with hiv/aids the right to go to school.
Speaking at the International aids Conference in Durban had a significant impact on the world, "Care for us and accept us - we are all human beings."
By supporting the projects in South Africa, KidsRights honours Nkosi Johnson’s call for a dignified existence for children with aids and children orphaned by aids. 

The right to health care

Every child has the right to the best possible health and the best possible health care. This includes both physical and psychological care. The government is responsible for ensuring that all children have access to essential services, such as clean drinking water, health care and education.


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