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International Rescue Committee (IRC) focuses on providing assistance to people whose lives have been radically changed by conflict or disaster. The support of IRC provides people the opportunity to rebuild their lives. IRC provides health care, infrastructure, education and financial support in 40 countries, including Tanzania.

Internet for refugee children

The objective of the project is to introduce children in the refugee camp Nyarugusu to the internet. In the computer lab, built with the support of KidsRights, computers and internet will be made available for the children in the camp.

Period: January 2016 - January 2017
Goal: to provide internet access for children in the refugee camp Nyarugusu

Completed project: connecting children in and outside the camp

International Children’s Peace Prize winner Baruani wished that the project fund would be invested in a project to improve the life of children both inside and outside the refugee camp Nyarugusu (Tanzania). It was Baruani’s desire to bring the two groups closer together in order to learn more about each other’s lives. The project in collaboration with World Vision Tanzania started in 2011 and was completed in 2013.

Project results:    
  • In the camp and in the community outside the camp a library and a computer centre were built
  • In both communities, the number of children attending school increased from 64.4% to 79.1%
  • During a five-day training, 172 children made a radio programme
  • Several sports and cultural competitions are held, in which 127 children of the host community and the refugee community have participated

Baruani advocates for the rights of refugee children

"Divided we will fail. United we can build."
In 2009, Baruani received the International Children’s Peace Prize, at the age of 16. Baruani has lived in the Nyarugusu refugee camp in Tanzania since he fled the DR Congo at the age of 7. He tries to convert this life experience into positive action, by actively helping fellow refugee children.
KidsRights supports Baruani to realise this goal.

Rights of refugee children

Worldwide, more than 17.5 million children are refugees, almost half of all refugees in the world. Children who seek for asylum or a refugee status are entitled to special protection and assistance, such as the right to water, sanitation, protection and clothing.

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