Notary donations

Tax benefits of recording a donation in a notarial act

If you want to support more children without it costing you more, then a notarial deed will enable you to do so in a tax-efficient manner. If you record your donation to KidsRights in a notarial deed it will be fully deductible for income tax purposes. One condition to qualify for this arrangement is that you donate a fixed sum to KidsRights for at least five years. We can arrange the drafting of the deed of donation through our regular civil-law notary if you wish to donate 60 euros or more annually in the most tax-efficient way. Contact us using the contact form on this website or by calling +31 (0)20 225 82 25.


Testamentary dispositions and specific legacies

You can also make a special contribution to our projects by means of a testamentary disposition or specific legacy. KidsRights is exempted from paying inheritance tax on such dispositions/legacies.

A testamentary disposition is a fixed percentage of your estate that is allocated to your heirs in your will. If you opt for a testamentary disposition you will make KidsRights either your sole heir, or an heir entitled alongside others to a certain proportion of your estate (chosen by you).

A specific legacy is an instruction in your will indicating that you leave behind a certain sum or item of property to a person or organization of your choice. So a specific legacy may take the form of money or, for instance, a house or a share portfolio. To incorporate a specific legacy to KidsRights in your will, you will need to involve a civil-law notary. You may also wish to change your existing will - in that case you will need to involve a civil-law notary too.

A local civil-law notary can explain how to make provision for your estate. Alternatively, we can put you in touch with our regular civil-law notary. Contact us using the contact form on this website or by calling +31 (0)20 225 82 25.

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