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We empower children. We demand global attention for children's rights. We actresearch and speak out. Together, we move the world.

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  1. "There are 10.1 million child laborers in India"

    The second ever winner of the International Children’s Peace Prize was awarded in 2006 to Om Prakash Gurjar. Om Prakash used to be a child slave and was freed from the hands of the man he worked for by an organization called Bachpan Bachao Andolan (BBA).
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  2. 90% of the children under 15 years old in Liberia have to face violence

    The problem of violence has led to young changemakers standing up. One of those changemakers was Abraham M. Keita, the winner of the 2015 International Children’s Peace Prize. He stood up against the violence against children in his hometown after a little girl had been raped and murdered.  After that he got invited to the child parliament in his town, and that’s where his passion for advocacy emerged. 
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