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KidsRights launches global youth movement together with The KidsRights Youngsters

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  1. KidsRights Youngsters Workshop Week 2017: children’s rights and the environment

    From June 10th until June 16th The KidsRights Youngsters came together in Amsterdam for the annual Workshop Week. This week helps The KidsRights Youngsters develop their skills, grow as a group of global changemakers and work on the global youth movement PUSH! 
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  2. Final report available - workshop World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates Bogotá

    On February 2nd this year, KidsRights and The KidsRights Youngsters Chaeli and Kehkashan participated in the 16th World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates in Bogotá, Colombia. The  KidsRights Foundation organized workshops for young changemakers from all around the globe. The input of the young participants is now  finalized in a report. Find out more here.
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