The organization KidsRights


KidsRights was founded in 2003 by Marc Dullaert to work with children to create a world in which their rights are guaranteed and they are enabled to realize their great potential. Since then KidsRights provides grass root support to vulnerable children and gives them a voice. KidsRights gives them a platform to share their ideals with an international audience. The embodiment of this platform, the International Children’s Peace Prize was awarded for the first time in 2005. Since then the prize is annually awarded to a courageous child who has made an exceptional difference for the rights of the child by a Nobel Peace Laureate. 

KidsRights is a sound and efficient organization with impact. “KidsRights needs to resemble a small fleet of rowing boats and not a large and cumbersome vessel.” 

In the meantime KidsRights has become an international renowned children’s rights organization and an authority on child participation. Marc Dullaert: “The winners of the Children’s Peace Prize show that children are so much more than passive recipients of aid, they can bring actual change. Children are changemakers and move the world!”


The KidsRights Board 

The board of the KidsRights Foundation ensures that the purpose of the foundation will be pursued as far as possible and that the funds are managed properly. The board consists of a special group of people who are actively involved through their compassion for KidsRights. 
The board of KidsRights consists of nine members:

  • Marc Dullaert (chairman)
  • Scipio van der Stoel (secretary)
  • Hans Borghouts (treasurer)
  • Hans Geels
  • Jacqueline Ruepert
  • Cindy de Visser
  • Alexander Kohnstamm (Honorary Board member) 
  • Roland van der Hoek (Honorary Board member)

The KidsRights Team

The KidsRights team, located in Amsterdam, consists of:


Ellen Vroonhof - Head of Programs

Karin Rozema - Program Manager

Chrissie van Heijningen - Global Youth Engagement Officer

Myrthe de Jong - Program Officer

Esther Winter - Head of Marketing and Fundraising

Laura Stoorvogel - Online Campaign Specialist 

Isabelle de Koning - Communications Officer

Jimme Dielemans - Online Marketing Officer

Annemarieke Tazelaar - Manager Corporate Accounts

Joey Derwort - Account Executive Trusts & Foundations

Yuri von Raesfeld - Donor Administration & Office Management

Financiële Administratie (extern gecontracteerd)