• Organization: Seenaryo 
  • Project: Kindergarten Playkit
  • Country: Lebanon and Jordan
  • Objective: improving the education for child refugees

Kindergarten Playkit

The Kindergarten Playkit has been developed by Seenaryo to provide teachers with skills to manage their classes, better student-based education and for the creation of an inclusive learning environment. As a result of the positive responses after working with the Playkit, this has been converted into an App for teachers.

The three sub-goals are:

  • Student-based approach so that the curriculum can be taught more effectively
  • Improved management of the classes
  • Creating a more inclusive learning environment

In this project the Playkit will be used in 18 new schools. Which means that 120 teachers will be introduced to newer and better skills. The teachers will be trained to use the Playkit App to be able to give student-based education and in this way offer child refugees better education. These teachers will teach 3,600 children.


Our project partner Seenaryo

Seenaryo is an independent charitable organization that works directly with refugees and the communities that provide them shelter in Lebanon and Jordan. Seenaryo’s mission is to improve the future chances of refugees through art and education, enhancing their personal development, educational performance and community building.