• Organization: Centre for Social Education and Development (CSED)
  • Project: Our earth, our hope
  • Country: India
  • Objective: The aim of this project is to create awareness about the harmful effects of environmental pollution, stimulate the community to put  environmental sustainability on the agenda and encourage children to take action for the environment

With the project, CSED encourages the Panchayats (village councils) to put environmental sustainability on their agendas and work together with organizations that work on this theme. Besides that, they train and guide 80 children to develop them as ‘environment promotors’. Additionally, they create awareness about the harmful effects of environmental pollution by using exhibitions, theatre performances and other creative arts.

Our project partner CSED

Initiated in 1987, CSED started with the aim to mobilize and organize marginalized communities and groups through social education, awareness and capacity building to promote, protect and assert their own rights and entitlements.