• Organization: Championing Community Children (C3)
  • Project: Wealthy Healthy Outreach
  • Country: the Philippines
  • Goal: Improving the life conditions of street children and potential street children through prevention and attention

With the Wealthy Healthy Outreach program C3 focuses on improving the living conditions of (potential) street children. The program teaches children about hygiene, the importance of good nutrition and the rights of children. During the program, Kesz and his friends also teach a few of the children in the community how to be a leader and how they can facilitate participation in the community. After six months these new leaders can continue the program and C3 will move to a new community. In addition, C3 also distributes ‘Gifts of Hope’ to the children, including soap, a tooth brush and school supplies.

Our project partner C3

Championing Community Children (C3) was founded in 2006 by Kesz Valdez. He leads the organization together with other children. C3 works with street children in different communities to increase the children’s knowledge about health, the importance of education, children’s rights and community interests.