90% of the children under 15 years old in Liberia have to face violence

Tuesday, May 1, 2018 - 14:50

 “90% of the children under 15 years old in Liberia have to face violence.”

It is so important for these victims that they have a good support system and a justice system that treats them fairly. We try to help create that system for these children by supporting 4 different projects in Liberia, which we are happy to continue this year. These projects offer the children a helpdesk to go to and support through social media. They work on strengthening the justice system and preventing sexual violence in Liberia by going to schools. 

“Rape is the most frequently reported crime in Liberia.”


The problem of violence has led to young changemakers standing up. One of those changemakers was Abraham M. Keita, the winner of the 2015 International Children’s Peace Prize. He stood up against the violence against children in his hometown after a little girl had been raped and murdered.  After that he got invited to the child parliament in his town, and that’s where his passion for advocacy emerged. 


March for our Lives 2018

Keita did not stop his advocacy and campaigning when he moved to the United States to go to university. When the March for our Lives was happening on the 24th of March, Keita went to Washington to join the youth of America. The March for our Lives was a demonstration march for a tighter gun control and against gun violence against children.Keita MFOL Not only violence against children has a special place in Keita’s campaigning, also the impact of gun violence is something he knows the impact of: “At age 9, a gun ruined my life; a single bullet from a gun changed my story. It made me fatherless; my father was killed by rebels while driving for a humanitarian relief organization during the conflict in my country.” Keita doesn’t stop campaigning against violence against children. Will you join him? 





CTA Keita