KidsRights launches global youth movement together with The KidsRights Youngsters

Tuesday, May 30, 2017 - 15:31

KidsRights and Youth PUSH the environment at the Young Impact Celebration

KidsRights and The KidsRights Youngsters launches the international youth movement PUSH! The International Children’s Peace Prize winner of 2016, and KidsRights Youngster, Kehkashan Basu kicked off the first PUSH! campaign on the stage of Young Impact on May 30th, 2017. The 16-year-old Kehkashan from Dubai, who fights for a clean environment internationally, called upon Dutch youth and youth all over the world to fight together for their right to a sustainable planet.

The PUSH! environment campaign is the beginning of an international movement of young changemakers. With this movement, KidsRights informs and inspires youth to take action and to speak out for matters that concern them directly; from education, equal rights and violence, to a clean environment. KidsRights and The KidsRights
Youngsters will, together with youth all over the world, urge world leaders to make these concerns a priority on their (inter)national agenda’s.

Children are changemakers. Kidsrights is convinced that realizing children’s rights more effectively calls for the perspective, experience and authority of children themselves. The PUSH! movement enables KidsRights to activate, inform and inspire youth all around the globe directly through their smartphones. By bringing these actions to the attention of world leaders we connect youth’s local realities to international decision making. Youth should be able to co-decide on matters affecting them. Far too often, decisions are made about children and youth, not with or by them.

The launch on May 30th is only the beginning. Follow the social media channels of KidsRights and The KidsRights Youngsters to stay updated on the campaign, because this fall, together with KidsRights, Kehkashan will take this global youth PUSH! to world leaders at the United Nations. 


The KidsRights Youngsters a unique youth-led advocacy and awareness raising platform of the International Children’s Peace Prize winners, that aims to realize children’s rights, as outlined in the Convention on the Rights of the Child.

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