A personal update from KidsRights Youngster Mohamad

Thursday, August 9, 2018 - 10:19

'Why can’t I change my life?'

‘I have always asked myself “why can’t I change my life?”, especially after my family and I had to flee from Syria to Lebanon in 2013. At that time, my dad had moved to Sweden searching for a better life for our family since the situation in Lebanon wasn’t good for us. This question followed me until the beginning of 2014, the answer I then found was: the only way for me to change my life is to work with other people to change their lives as well, which will lead to changing the world. Hence my family and I started working with the Syrian children who lived in the refugee camps in Lebanon and we were able to start a school, named Gharsah.’


The school got bigger, so our dreams got bigger too, more kids have access to education now. Today, Gharsah is not only supporting children but their mothers as well. Even youth and men are taking part in literacy classes, gender equality classes and different arts courses. 


While we were working at the school, I started asking myself a new question “will people be able to share our dream with us?”. Until December 2017 I thought this might be impossible, but then the impossible happened; I won the international children peace prize 2017 from the KidsRights Foundation


By experiencing amazing events like the ceremony and receiving the prize I realized that there are people all over the world who have seen what we have done, the kids and I. They have seen how we brought one dream to life and I want to thank them for caring and for seeing us for what we did, not for what happened to us.


Now I live in Sweden with my dad and I’m going to school just like an international student. When I came to Sweden and started school, I noticed what great potential the youth here have and how much they are craving to share their potential and use it to benefit others. So, with the help of some other teenagers here we started a Youth Club. Together we help the youth here in directing their energy and offer them a place where they ‘belong’. 


Finally, I want to thank everyone who recognized me and my efforts. We want to, and we are able to change the world for a better future. I want to ask everyone one last question “Don’t we need to support our future generation?”. 


If your answer is yes, then you should start searching for any possibility to support the world and thus yourself. Search for foundations like KidsRights that enable you to become a changemaker, the world needs to change, and you can be this change.


Kind Regards 


Mohamad Al Jounde