The 2018 International Children’s Peace Prize nominees


India, 17 years
Nominated by Andaleeb Mannan (individual)

Issue: Environment

2018 Children's Peace Prize nominee Abdul

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World map showing India
Everything on this earth can be recycled but not time. So take action fast before time runs out.

Abdul's story

Abdul, “The Paper Bag Boy”, is an Indian boy living in the United Arab Emirates, where he has campaigned tirelessly against the use of plastic bags and bottles since 2010. He spends his free time and money traveling to colleges, universities, schools, offices and government departments to spread his message, and has given more than 200 workshops internationally. He has produced more than 8000 recycled newspaper bags, a practice which has become popular in the UAE. It’s even become fashionable to reuse old newspapers for gift-wrapping. He has inspired thousands of children internationally to fight for their right to a clean environment. In Australia, Finland and New Zealand, students learn about Abdul at school, and his story has been published in several books.

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