The 2018 International Children’s Peace Prize nominees


Palestine, 17 years
Nominated by Johan van der Merwe (individual)

Issues: PeaceViolence

2018 Children's Peace Prize nominee Ahed

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World map showing Palestine
All I wish for Palestine is to be free. Those that are oppressed must continue their resistance.

Ahed's story

Ahed, 17, grew up in occupied territory in Palestine. Since the age of nine, she has been fighting for peace and justice, knowing that Palestinians have the same right as others to be free and that all children have the right to enjoy their childhood. She regularly takes part in peaceful protests against land confiscation. She has spoken internationally, including at the European Parliament in a conference on women in Palestinian resistance. Ahed, “The Lion of Palestine”, has become an icon of Palestinian protest against Israeli occupation. She defended her little brother when he was seized by an occupation soldier, and she was imprisoned for slapping a soldier after her cousin was shot, attracting international attention. Ahed’s example has emboldened many other Palestinian children and adults to make their voices heard in defense of Palestinian rights and peace. Ahed would like to be a lawyer, so that she can keep fighting for Palestinian rights.

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