The 2017 International Children’s Peace Prize nominees


Bosnia and Herzegovina, 18 years
Nominated by Network for Building Peace

Issues: EnvironmentEducationHealth

2017 Children's Peace Prize nominee Armin Maric

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World map showing Bosnia and Herzegovina
It is up to us, to realize the importance of helping others and to see the world change to better. In the changing tides of the world, the truest education will remind us to never change the goodness in our hearts.

Armin's story

Armin, 18 years old, comes from a small town in the northwestern part of Bosnia and Herzegovina. He was the Tunza Eco Generation Regional Ambassador from 2016-2017. His ambassadorship resulted in numerous workshops and questionnaires to test and broaden his fellow students' knowledge of environmental topics, as well as the 12 monthly reports that are a testament to his dedication. Armin also coordinated the search of minefields left over from the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina, for the 1,735 unknown victims of landmine hazards. As a three-time participant of the European Researchers' Night in Banjaluka, Armin also educated thousands of interested visitors with practical demonstrations about the dangers of tobacco smoke to our health.

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