The 2018 International Children’s Peace Prize nominees


Cameroon, 18 years
Nominated by Plan International Cameroon

Issues: Gender EqualityChild Participation

2018 Children's Peace Prize nominee Beltivate

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World map showing Cameroon
Girls have a lot of potential, let’s treat them with dignity to guarantee a better tomorrow.

Beltivate's story

Beltivate, 18, comes from a community in Cameroon where child abuse is common. She learned about children’s rights through her father, who is a volunteer in the village, and through her participation in children’s forums. These experiences instilled in her the desire to see the rights of the child respected, especially the rights of the girl. Beltivate was part of a program that taught her about moral values and children’s rights, and now organizes her own meetings on the subject for children in her community. Because of her campaign of sensitization and education, the rate of child abuse in her community has been reduced. In the future, Beltivate hopes to encourage the creation of girls’ corners in schools, where girls can discuss issues and solutions to the problems they are facing.

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