The 2018 International Children’s Peace Prize nominees


Nepal, 17 years
Nominated by Social Service Centre (SOSEC) Nepal Dailekh

Issues: Child MarriageChild Participation

2018 Children's Peace Prize nominee Bhabisara

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World map showing Nepal
Reduce child marriage for a safe life for girls.

Bhabisara's story

Bhabisara,17, lives in Nepal. She has language problems and was bullied and abused during her menstrual period, but competitions and awareness programs inspired her to become active in the field of children’s rights. She applied for funds to provide 52 poor children with school uniforms and took action to ensure that all children attended school. She has organized extracurricular activities and cooperated with children’s clubs to plant trees on barren land. She has also participated in various children’s conferences at local, district and national level. Bhabisara has demonstrated against and reduced child marriage, as well as violence against girls. Because of her actions, many parents are now aware of their children’s rights, and children are able to advocate for themselves.

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