The 2018 International Children’s Peace Prize nominees


Kenya, 15 years
Nominated by World Vision

Issues: Child ParticipationChild Abuse

2018 Children's Peace Prize nominee Christine

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World map showing Kenya
Children are the future leaders and fruits for tomorrow. Therefore no one should violate their rights. If all the people in the community come together and protect the rights of children, no child would be abused.

Christine's story

Christine, 15, lives in Kenya, in a community where sexual abuse and neglect are common. She started to realize at a young age that children in her community were not aware of their rights, or even that they were being abused. Adults were also unaware, and failed to take action to protect them. Christine started to raise awareness of children’s rights at meetings of parents and children, so that now children feel empowered to report abuses. She also took action when a drought stopped children coming to school, or being able to concentrate when there. After she went to the governor, the school was supplied with enough food for the dry period. The food program was a success and has been maintained ever since. Christine is a calm and well-informed peacemaker among her classmates and in the community at large.

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