The 2018 International Children’s Peace Prize nominees


Chile, 16 years
Nominated by Corporación de Oportunidad y Acción Solidaria

Issues: Child ParticipationSexual Reproductive Health

2018 Children's Peace Prize nominee Constanza

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World map showing Chile
We need to open our eyes and stop laughing at the things we do not know.

Constanza's story

Constanza, 16, lives in Chile, and believes every child should be free to express themselves. She has been an active member of the youth group, Corporación Opción, which monitors children’s rights, since 2013. Together with Amnesty International, she has initiated projects for adolescents about sexual and reproductive rights. In 2017, together with other children, she formed the group ESLEI (integrated sexual education for lay people), which is currently organizing workshops in schools. As a result of Constanza’s actions, more children and adolescents are now interested in children’s rights and sexual and reproductive rights. Her dream is to create a more inclusive world.

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