The 2018 International Children’s Peace Prize nominees


Kenya, 12 years
Nominated by African Alliance For Health Research Economic Development (AAHRED)

Issues: Child ParticipationEducation

2018 Children's Peace Prize nominee Eugine

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World map showing Kenya
We are all human beings and we should take care of vulnerable children because they are the future leaders.

Eugine's story

Eugine, 12, lives in a slum in the Kenyan capital. His unemployed parents have less than $1 a day with which to care for Eugine and his brothers and sister. He has been fighting for vulnerable children in the slum since he was nine. He saved ten children during a fire, and sought police reinforcement to save a little girl who was raped. He also raises awareness in his community about substance abuse, telling children not to take bhang (an edible preparation of cannabis) or alcohol. He persuades people to help those less privileged than themselves. In the future, he wants to build a resource centre and a school for the children of the slum.

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