The 2018 International Children’s Peace Prize nominees


Kenya, 16 years
Nominated by World Vision Kenya

Issues: PeaceChild Participation

2018 Children's Peace Prize nominee Ferdinand

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World map showing Kenya
My fellow human beings, please provide a proper standpoint for our children so that they can live in a peaceful environment and then I am pretty sure that they will be able to move the world to a high peak.

Ferdinand's story

Ferdinand, 16, lives in a part of Kenya which suffers ethnic conflict between two competing tribes. In 2011, he lost his mother to this tribal warfare, leaving him passionate about campaigning for peace, unity and the protection of children caught up in conflict. He is an ambassador in his school’s peace club, a member of his county’s children’s assembly, and actively involved in various forums and children’s rights activities. He was involved in drafting the new Children’s Bill last year, focusing on the reduction or elimination of school fees and the need to enforce stricter measures to curb female genital mutilation (FGM). His peer education programmes have led over 200 girls to take a stand against FGM. Ferdinand plans to organize free forums for children about access to education and the protection of children from civil war.

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