The 2018 International Children’s Peace Prize nominees


Peru, 15 years
Nominated by Grupo de Iniciativa Nacional por los Derechos del Niño-GIN

Issues: Child ParticipationChild Labor

2018 Children's Peace Prize nominee Gabriel

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World map showing Peru
When you miss something, do not hesitate to turn to someone. There will always be someone to listen to you and to help you. Remember that you are not an island but that you are part of the world.

Gabriel's story

Gabriel, 15, lives in Peru. He wants to improve not just his own living conditions but also those of others living in poverty. His dream is to better the lives of children who have to work as child laborers or who have been abused. He represents children and adolescents in a special municipal program for the prevention and eradication of child labor. He also acts as an ambassador for his city and participates in his student council. He volunteers in social programs in his district and has been invited by other municipalities to speak to them about child participation. He also teaches parents about sexual education for adolescents. In the future Gabriel wants to be a politician so he can change the laws in favor of the less fortunate.

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