The 2018 International Children’s Peace Prize nominees


Bosnia and Herzegovina, 15 years
Nominated by Elementary School JU OŠ “ČENGIĆ VILA I”

Issue: Bullying

2018 Children's Peace Prize nominee Haris

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World map showing Bosnia and Herzegovina
Alone we are but a mere drop of water but together we form an everlasting force equal to that of a tsunami.

Haris's story

Haris, 15, lives in Bosnia and Herzegovina with his mother and younger sister. He feels very strongly about violence and bullying. Having faced difficulties in his own childhood, he does not want other struggling children to feel alone. He is active in various groups which support children, and is always there to lend an ear and a helping hand, giving his fellow students the courage to stand up for themselves. As a result, many more children are willing to talk to adults about violence and bullying. Haris wants to create a worldwide community where nobody is excluded and every child has the right to play an equal part.

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