The 2018 International Children’s Peace Prize nominees


Pakistan, 15 years
Nominated by Child Rights Committee

Issue: Child Participation

2018 Children's Peace Prize nominee Heera

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World map showing Pakistan
A world where every child has food, health, education, a peaceful environment and equal rights to live.

Heera's story

Heera, 15, lives in Pakistan. Inspired by her parents’ passion for children’s rights, she is actively involved in activities led by the Child Rights Committee (CRC), and dedicates her time to raising awareness and promoting positive, constructive change, especially for vulnerable children in her area. In 2010, she campaigned against corporal punishment in girls’ primary schools and is currently working with the CRC to help female orphans in her district. In 2014 she received an award from the Social Development Society. Heera is a spokesperson for the Children’s Parliament of the CRC – frequently speaking to the public about the issues that children face locally, nationally and internationally. After terrorist attacks at a school in Peshawar, she conveyed a special message of peace through song, with the help of her peers. In the future, Heera hopes to play a leading role in defense of children’s rights.

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