The 2018 International Children’s Peace Prize nominees


India, 17 years
Nominated by Save the Children

Issue: Street Children

2018 Children's Peace Prize nominee Ibrahim

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I’m studying to achieve a better life for myself and my community; to get out there and make a real difference to our world. I want to set myself as an example. So that no one, ever again, has to live the life that I have.

Ibrahim's story

Ibrahim, 17, had to drop out of school when his family became homeless. He and his brother and father worked to pay rent for his mother and sisters, and when he went back to school, he found it too difficult and dropped out. Luckily, an NGO found Ibrahim and supported him by enrolling him in a night school. Ibrahim’s life began to turn around and he saw the value of education. He knows that many children living on the street face have lost the basic documentation needed to enroll in school and with the support of NGOs he helps them to enroll. He is aware of the challenges of obtaining new legal documentation and the basic rights that are therefore denied to many. He manages the Children’s Development Bank to connect street children with savings programs; it currently assists 420 children. Ibrahim has led two community campaigns promoting children’s rights and has mobilized over 1000 homeless people through innovative measures such as street theatre and talk shows. Ibrahim would like to expand his street network with various community welfare activities.

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