The 2018 International Children’s Peace Prize nominees


Mongolia, 15 years
Nominated by 10th Secondary School of Khan-Uul District

Issue: Child Participation

2018 Children's Peace Prize nominee Irmuun

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World map showing Mongolia
It breaks my heart when children experience violence even in countries where there is no war. I can’t stand when the adult generation produces violators that then can violate the ones of this young age, therefore I would like to continue fighting against any type of violence against children.

Irmuun's story

Irmuun, 15, lives in Mongolia. He began to take a stand against violence in school when he saw a peer being emotionally and physically abused by other children. He immediately approached and befriended the child, setting an example to fellow students. He cares for a sick classmate and after local disasters is always quick to offer his help and pocket money. Irmuun is leader of the Eco Club of the district schools. He also leads his own initiatives to encourage students to plant trees and vegetables and he teaches them basic agricultural skills. During the school holidays, the students continue to tend to the vegetable gardens. In 2017, Irmuun won a competition organized by the Mongolian Association which was themed “I would like to live in Mongolia where there is no Tuberculosis”. In the future, Irmuun hopes to set up book cafés in his village so that families and children can have access to books in a quality environment.

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