The 2018 International Children’s Peace Prize nominees


Liechtenstein, 14 years
Nominated by TAK Theater Liechtenstein/ASSITEJ Liechtenstein

Issue: Bullying

2018 Children's Peace Prize nominee Jeylan

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World map showing Liechtenstein
Bullying is not O.K.

Jeylan's story

Jeylan, 14, lives in Liechtenstein. He was bullied in primary school, which motivated him to start helping other children who were also struggling. He is a member of the project Hall for All, where the young people of Liechtenstein meet and play games and do sports activities together. In 2017, Jeylan and his friends decided to buy a tiny house where they would be able to help teens with their problems. In the end they got the house for free, and the project is still in progress. In the future Jeylan wants to make the projects he’s involved with bigger and better so that he can stop bullying.

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