The 2018 International Children’s Peace Prize nominees


Philippines, 16 years
Nominated by Community’s Hope and Initiative for Lasting Development Inc. (CHILD)

Issues: Child ParticipationEnvironment

2018 Children's Peace Prize nominee Jophet

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World map showing Philippines
Adults are talking about children without the children. But only we, the children, know what we want. So adults should talk about children with the children.

Jophet's story

Jophet, 16, lives in the Philippines. He believes that every child should be heard. As a CHILD volunteer, he conducts awareness-raising sessions with children about sexual reproductive health, inclusion and disability issues, climate change and more. In 2013 his community was devastated by a super typhoon; many people died and many more lost their homes. With the help of CHILD, Jophet played a key role in recovery, helping around 1000 children with psycho-social support and art therapy. He is president of the Youth Environment for Schools Organization through which he advocates and organizes activities on climate change and disaster risk reduction. He has taken part in national consultations and conferences and developed channels locally to allow children to report issues and receive support. One day, he hopes to become a public school teacher to give every child free, quality and inclusive education.

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