The 2018 International Children’s Peace Prize nominees


Peru, 15 years
Nominated by UPF – Universal Peace Federation

Issues: EnvironmentChild Participation

2018 Children's Peace Prize nominee Kabir

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World map showing Peru
Peace will be the product of ethical and moral education that transforms people, makes family ties stronger and creates a new society.

Kabir's story

Kabir, 15, lives in Peru. As soon as he could read, he became aware of inequalities around him, and so he started committing himself to the environment, peace, education and children’s rights. He has published books on these themes, as well as raising awareness of child abuse. He stresses the importance of using environmentally friendly, clean technologies and has facilitated dialogue between miners and farmers to solve their conflicts. He delivers speeches at conferences and trains children on their rights. Kabir has received numerous distinctions, including awards from the presidents of Peru and Colombia. He demonstrates that children are capable of great things. Thanks to Kabir’s efforts, environmental impact studies and consultations in Peru are now a lot stricter. His goal is to create a world where there is peace, where children’s rights are respected and where people take good care of the environment.

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