The 2018 International Children’s Peace Prize nominees


Colombia, 15 years
Nominated by Casa Taller San Martín

Issues: ViolencePeace

2018 Children's Peace Prize nominee Karen

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World map showing Colombia
Peace needs to start at home, to be able to spread around the world. I do not know you but I need you to create a better world.

Karen's story

Karen, 15, lives in Colombia. Growing up in a violent neighborhood has made her an advocate for peace. She believes that tolerance and respect are crucial ingredients of peace, and that children should be a part of the peace process. She is a delegate of the General Assembly of Children in San Martín de Loba, where she gives workshops about children’s rights. She has also, along with others, started a dance group to create cohesion in the community. Last year the group performed at an event for the rights of working women, which they plan to do every year to a promote their message of peace. Every six months, along with others, Karen organizes gatherings where children of the area come together to talk to each other. Through her actions, Karen has succeeded in engaging more girls in the peace process.

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