The 2018 International Children’s Peace Prize nominees


Nepal, 17 years
Nominated by Teach for Nepal

Issues: Gender EqualityChild Participation

2018 Children's Peace Prize nominee Karishma

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World map showing Nepal
We all know that the key to a better community and a better nation is the empowerment of women and children. So, I want to do my part and help to empower them.

Karishma's story

Karishma, 17, lives in Nepal. It’s exhausting getting housework and schoolwork done as well as the long walk to school and back, but she is determined to get a good education. Life is particularly hard for girls and women in her village, and Karishma is keen to empower every child in her community to bring about positive change. She started a child club in her village, and sought training in children’s rights, gender equality and child participation. She passes these on, along with entrepreneurship, in workshops and training sessions for the children. Her campaigns against child marriage, violence, and discrimination against girls have resulted in a decrease in child marriages locally, and in more girls going to school. She is a member of the District Child Network and lobbies on behalf of children’s rights. In the future, Karishma wants to start an organization to protect the rights of children and women, particularly in education, and to show girls that their opinions matter.

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