The 2018 International Children’s Peace Prize nominees


Samoa, 17 years
Nominated by Samoa Victim Support Group

Issue: Child Abuse

2018 Children's Peace Prize finalist Leilua
Finalist 2018

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World map showing Samoa
Why should I turn against the whole world because of what I have lost? I am now at peace, and I share the gift of peace with the abused children of Samoa, by being their voice.

Leilua's story

Leilua, 18, lives in Samoa. She was raped by her father at the age of 9, and supported by the Samoa Victim Support Group (SVSG) in her fight for justice. Her father was sentenced to 29 years in prison and Leilua lives at the SVSG shelter, where she has become an Ambassador for Peace. Her courage in the court and her awareness-raising in primary schools across Samoa (reaching more than 3000 children) has inspired many more children to report their abuse. She created peace gardens in her campus which have helped 200 children to recover from trauma, and she speaks to them about her journey and the importance of finding inner peace.

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