The 2018 International Children’s Peace Prize nominees

March For Our Lives initiators

United States, 18 years
Nominated by Jo Becker and Benyam Mezmur (individual)

Issues: SafetyViolence

2018 Children's Peace Prize finalist March For Our Lives initiators
Finalist 2018

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World map showing United States
There is no age restriction on fighting for justice and peace. We cannot afford to be bystanders when the cost of silence is life or death and the choice to act can be stripped in an instant.

The story of the March For Our Lives initiators

David, Emma, Jaclyn and Matt co-founded the March For Our Lives movement alongside 20+ other high school students in the United States (US). When their school became the umpteenth scene of a school shooting, they were determined to bring about change. They organized the March For Our Lives event in March 2018 to protest gun violence and demand safer schools and communities. Hundreds of thousands of people turned up to show their support and more than 800 sister marches took place on the same day across the US and beyond. But for David, Emma, Jaclyn and Matt, this was only the beginning. They want to make sure that their generation is heard, and made it their mission to get young people to vote and to get high level decision-makers to listen. They called on politicians, through social media and national television, to step up to the plate. This summer the group took to the road, visiting 80 communities in 24 states to talk about creating safer communities. They lobbied, held town hall rallies, and registered thousands of young people to vote.

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