The 2018 International Children’s Peace Prize nominees


Guatemala, 17 years
Nominated by María del Socorro García Mayén (individual)

Issues: Child AbuseDiscrimination

2018 Children's Peace Prize nominee Marlon

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World map showing Guatemala
All the money we spend on material things we can better spend on education because if we want a good society, we need to educate our children.

Marlon's story

Marlon, from Guatemala, recently left his violent father, along with his mother and two brothers. He is determined to prevent other children from suffering similar abuse, particularly very young children like his seven-year-old brother. Marlon is a member of the Youth Parliament of Guatemala and fights for equal treatment and opportunities of all children, and against discrimination. He has been invited to tell his story at many schools, where children ask him for advice and learn about defending their rights. He addresses child abuse, violence, vulnerability and child participation, and has also spoken out about the unequal treatment of Afro-Americans. Marlon wants to make children smile, and from time to time, he even performs as a clown.

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