The 2018 International Children’s Peace Prize nominees


Uganda, 16 years
Nominated by Namutebi Edith (individual)

Issues: DisabilitiesChild Participation

2018 Children's Peace Prize nominee Martha

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World map showing Uganda
You are never too young, act now, be a passionate world changer to realize children’s rights. Restore Hope and Nourish Impoverished Children.

Martha's story

Martha, 16, lives in Uganda. Despite her own poor background she is still at school, and cares deeply about all children, whether living with hiv/aids, mentally and physically handicapped, or just “normal”. At the age of 13 she started Restore Hope and Nourish Impoverished Children (RHANIC) to feed underprivileged children. With donations of food and soap she has helped over 500 children in Kenya, and over 600 mentally and physically handicapped children in Uganda. She has taught the parents and guardians of over 1000 children about children's rights, and trained over 500 children to know their own rights. She has raised funds to help over 2000 orphans and vulnerable children with caregivers’ table banking, and inspired others to follow her example elsewhere in Uganda. She has also helped more than 1000 people to use locally available resources to grow nutrient-dense indigenous vegetables. Martha wants to become a medical doctor or nutritionist to help as many disadvantaged children as she can. She wants to specialize in helping mentally and physically handicapped children, many of whom are left to live a life full of struggle.

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