The 2018 International Children’s Peace Prize nominees


Colombia, 17 years
Nominated by RedAcción de Paz

Issues: Refugee ChildrenEnvironment

2018 Children's Peace Prize nominee Mateo

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World map showing Colombia
The right to recreation, the freedom to explore our territory and its diversity should be the sign of generations that, like me, have suffered through war.

Mateo's story

Mateo, 17, lives in Colombia. He grew up in an environment full of conflict and dangerous minefields, and his family was displaced. As part of the Andakí group, a youth-led cultural organization in his community, Mateo started an initiative to restore ecological paths in the area, celebrated for its flora and fauna, but destroyed by war. He worked to improve mobility and recreation for locals, and to reclaim houses abandoned during conflict. Now transformed, the area is a magnet for local inhabitants, tourists, environmental organizations, schools and academics. His goal is to make sure that everyone can safely and peacefully enjoy their environment.

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