The 2018 International Children’s Peace Prize nominees


Zimbabwe, 13 years
Nominated by Defense for Children Initiative Zimbabwe (DCI Zimbabwe)

Issues: EducationGender EqualityChild Marriage

2018 Children's Peace Prize nominee Michael

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World map showing Zimbabwe
Creating a better world for the girl child.

Michael's story

Michael, 13, lives in Zimbabwe. Her mother has struggled to keep her in school, and Michael is acutely aware of the importance of children’s right to an education. She is also passionate about ending child marriage. Michael participated in a Global March Against Child Labor event in Zimbabwe when she was very young and has written and presented poems, speeches and songs on children’s rights in communities in Zimbabwe. These performances have introduced many children to the concept of their rights, and they approach her to talk about them. She has also started small community groups on children’s rights in her area, in collaboration with community leaders. In the future, Michael wants to create a movement to promote girls’ education and to talk about child marriage.

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