The 2018 International Children’s Peace Prize nominees


Kenya, 13 years
Nominated by World Vision International

Issues: Sexual Reproductive HealthEducation

2018 Children's Peace Prize nominee Moses

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World map showing Kenya
I appreciate my parents and teachers who have been supportive to me by offering psychological and emotional guidance. Without their encouragement I might have lost focus.

Moses's story

Moses, 13, lives in Kenya, and seeing other children suffer has made him a children’s rights advocate. His goal is to become president of Kenya, and he has already been elected cabinet secretary of agriculture in his county’s children’s assembly. He was invited to attend the elders’ community forum where he addressed children’s rights, education and the dangers of FGM, with tangible results. Moses brought children, their parents and the headmaster together to get children back to school. He represented his county in a public consultation on the Bill of Rights for children, and he spoke persuasively about children’s rights and FGM on a radio talk show.

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