The 2018 International Children’s Peace Prize nominees


United States, 16 years
Nominated by Union High School, Evergreen Public Schools

Issues: EducationEnvironment

2018 Children's Peace Prize nominee Phillip

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World map showing United States
No child is free until children have the opportunity to fulfill their highest aspirations.

Phillip's story

Phillip, 16, lives in the USA. He loves geography, which he sees not just as a subject, but as the critical mechanism to empower and heal societies, especially those torn by war and cultural conflict. What started with a blog about geography has now become a global organization, the International Association of Young Geographers (IAYG). IAYG leads over 6000 volunteers through education in geography and its University Society System has over 130 branches all over the globe. The system connects students to intern, career, research and volunteer programs. The IAYG also established the Global Curriculum Development Programme, leading curriculum in geography, sustainable development and global citizenship for nations in need. Along with its partners, IAYG now represents 5 million students worldwide. Phillip also created the Clubs for Peace program which works with schools and universities in South Sudan to establish places of peace, reconciliation and understanding. The clubs aim to foster a generation of Champions of Peace and to give children a voice to be agents of change.

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