The 2018 International Children’s Peace Prize nominees


Mauritius, 15 years
Nominated by Vent d’un reve

Issue: Poverty

2018 Children's Peace Prize nominee Ryan

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World map showing Mauritius
A helping hand can make dreams come true.

Ryan's story

Ryan, 15, lives in Mauritius. Ryan knows that many children have the potential to succeed but not the support they need, especially in certain parts of Mauritius. He wants to make sure that every child gets the help he or she needs, and he involves the children in his own community in many projects. He also participates in activities such as International Women’s Day, the Day of the African Child and Universal Children’s Day. He serves as a role model and an ambassador for other children. He encourages his school’s rector to set up music classes to the keep the students enthusiastic about attending school. He alerts many people to the plight of children in need and to the importance of giving them a better life and future.

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