The 2018 International Children’s Peace Prize nominees


Nepal, 16 years
Nominated by Peacewin

Issues: Child ParticipationGender Equality

2018 Children's Peace Prize nominee Samjhana

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World map showing Nepal
Don’t lose your hope. You will be successful, even if you are from a poor, discriminated and marginalized community.

Samjhana's story

Samjhana, 16, lives in Nepal, and has experienced the struggles of living in a poor community. Over time she has become aware of gender discrimination; she is strongly opposed to the chhaupadi practice, where women are forced to live outside during menstruation. As well as fighting it herself, she encourages others to get involved and make a difference. Samjhana is president of the school Child Club and a member of the Village Child Protection Committee (VCPC). The VCPC helped Samjhana to campaign against the chhaupadi practice as well as collecting information about local children in jeopardy (CIJ). As a result, 65% of these CIJ have received support from the government and other NGOs. Samjhana actively participates in campaigns, rallies, workshops and training on social issues such as child marriage and child labor, gender discrimination and poor school enrolment. In the future, she wants to become a social doctor, fighting harmful practices in communities.

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