The 2018 International Children’s Peace Prize nominees


Colombia, 15 years
Nominated by Fundación Enfances 232

Issue: Violence

2018 Children's Peace Prize nominee Santiago

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World map showing Colombia
Today we not only have the hope for peace but also the opportunity to be the creators of our own history.

Santiago's story

Santiago, 15, lives in Colombia, a country which has struggled in recent years with conflict and violence. His father left when he was young, and childhood poverty made him very shy. Through the Fundación Enfances 232 he found his voice, and uses it to push for peace and children’s rights. Santiago is part of the foundation’s peace and reconciliation team, working to consolidate the peace process in Colombia. He inspires children and adults working beside him and in society at large. He represents his colleagues and classmates, organizes training events and workshops within the foundation, and works with street children, abused women, LGBTI people and handicapped children. He is a panel member in peace events.

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