The 2018 International Children’s Peace Prize nominees


Belgium, 15 years
Nominated by SB Overseas

Issue: Refugee Children

2018 Children's Peace Prize nominee Shahm

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World map showing Belgium
Whatever their age, and wherever they are, children can do something, to help their peers living in adversity.

Shahm's story

Shahm, 15, is Syrian and lives in Belgium. Inspired by his mother’s work with refugee women and children, he has been volunteering in Lebanon and in Belgium since the age of eight. Shahm is strongly motivated by the firm belief that all humans, and children in particular, should enjoy the same rights. He has helped with clothing collections and takes part in peaceful protests for humanitarian causes. He organizes weekend sport activities for refugee children in Belgium, and as a Syrian boy himself, he’s a welcome role-model for newly arrived refugee children. In the summer, he teaches younger children in refugee centers in Lebanon. In the future Shahm wants to become a part of the European Youth Parliament to make sure the voices of refugee children are heard.

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