The 2018 International Children’s Peace Prize nominees


Bangladesh, 18 years
Nominated by Ashoka Innovation For The Public

Issues: DisabilitiesEducation

2018 Children's Peace Prize nominee Sudeepto

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World map showing Bangladesh
Unraveling the world through books. With Shruto, children experiencing blindness are no longer stuck in darkness.

Sudeepto's story

When Sudeepto, 18, realized that his friend’s visual impairment restricted his ability to read and learn, he thought about the two million blind children in Bangladesh who had very few literary resources at their disposal. He founded an online platform called ‘Shruto’ to provide audio books for visually impaired students. It became an instant hit. He has already created more than 40 books, focusing on literature and science. His team of 22 students record and digitize content and serve as Shruto ambassadors in schools. Sudeepto also works with parents and teachers to alleviate discrimination against people with disabilities. He is currently preparing to launch an audio library app and has partnered with five schools for the blind to make content available to over 1000 students.

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